Ah The Gold Coast marathon

I’ve run the race six times - twice having a genuine crack at crossing the finish line in under 3 hours. Both times, I have fallen just short. This year however, I have the added pleasure of being named an official ambassador (read more about that here). Given the greats with whom I share this role (Steve Moneghetti & Robert de Castella to name a few) I promise to give everything I have to run 4:14 pace for 42.2km which will see me join the sub 3 hour club on the GC!

Sub 3 hour attempt Gold Coast Marathon 2012

Sub 3 hour attempt Gold Coast Marathon 2012

Sub 3 hour attempt Gold Coast Marathon 2015

Sub 3 hour attempt Gold Coast Marathon 2015

I am determined to make 2019 my year. However it’s not going to be easy. I've got more obstacles (and variables) in my way than ever before.

It’s currently early March, and I’m only just coming back from a fairly decent injury which has kept me from running since mid November last year. The injury I sustained is known as “Plantar metatarsal bursitis secondary to a plantar plate tear”. It's a mouthful, and was painful, but thanks to my rehab team - Trent and Emily at Sports Podiatrists in Sydney & Physio’s Kieren and Tamara at Bondi Doctors we're heading in the right recovery direction.

In addition to this, I'm going to become a father for the first time! Come May, Daddy Duties will be in full swing. Then in June I will be officially ‘over the hill’. I still can’t believe I am turning 40!

With race day quickly arriving in early July, my mates at Garmin have decided to give me a little incentive to stay motivated and keep my spirits high. Listen up! If I can run 2:59:59 or any amount of seconds or minutes quicker, they will send me over to tackle my dream event in November: THE NEW YORK MARATHON! How’s that for a dangling carrot :-)

They say, "a goal without a plan is just a wish", so I’ve bought in the best of the best to help me plan. Heard of Craig Mottram? Craig is arguably Australia’s greatest ever distance runner with more Australian running records than you can poke a stick at. He’s a four-time Olympian and Commonwealth Games Silver Medalist. I know he's the best man for this job.


I'll be working with Elite Wellbeing - run by Craig and his wife Krystine. With them I can already smell the finish line; it’s the best chance at making my sub three hour dreams on the Gold Coast come true. My training plan will be uploaded below a week in advance.

For those watching from the sidelines or having a run themselves, we’ll recap the entire journey via instagram live. It's here we’ll talk about the training that’s been done, the training to do, and all things running related.


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