If there was a “where the bloody hell are you” campaign for blokes, Reidy would win it by a country mile.

Alas, Tourism bodies in Australia have picked him up. He's hosted specials on Tropical North Queensland, the Julia Creek Dirt n' Dust Festival and Cairns to Cape York. They’ve all aired on prime time and are regular features on National Geographic around the world.

He’s all over the world and our screens! From his TV debut on Bondi Rescue, now heading into its 12th series, the screen opened up a new world that Reidy is more than cozy with.

From The Today Show, The Project and The Circle, to promo ads for Sky digital’s CBS Reality and an appearance on ITV’s Daybreak the on screen work is only heating up.

He's featured in sports programs showcasing major multisport events and has been recently throned the Meat and Livestock Australia Ambassador, featuring in their Good Meat series 1 and 2.

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