The Splash Series motivates people for purpose to be happy and healthy. It’s about acceptance. It’s about inclusion. From ankle biters to old codgers. Be it in your bikini, boardies or budgies – everyone's invited.

The back-story is a bit of a tear jerker. It's fuelled by Reidy’s own torture of being bullied as the ‘fat kid’ at school and missing out on kissing his high school sweetheart.

Alas, Reidy turned his life around through pure determination. He found exercise and a love for running and swimming and has never looked back.

The Splash Series events inspire others to do the same and gives back to several charities including WAYS (Waverley Action for Youth Services) – an organisation that accepts people of all shapes, colours and sizes.

This bloke. Reidy. Not only turned his own life around and won running races, he's now putting on an event for others. The Splash Series is a one-man production band. Reidy yet again proving his determination, business skills and professionalism across areas such as sponsorship, marketing, event production and so much more!!

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