Andrew ‘Reidy’ Reid is best known for saving lives on the hit TV series Bondi Rescue. But as well as being a lifeguard he is an emerging media talent. From radio to newspapers, chat shows and most recently documentaries for Tourism bodies of Australia, Reidy’s classic Australian personality and enthusiasm for life have made him a face to watch.


Born (1979) and bred in Bondi, home of Australia’s most famous stretch of sand, Andrew ‘Reidy’ Reid is a lifeguard and TV personality, most well known for appearing on Channel 10’s Logie award winning reality show, Bondi Rescue.  

 The programme, which has aired since 2006, follows the daily lives and routines of the Waverley Council professional lifeguards who patrol Bondi Beach. A ratings smash in Australia since 2006, Bondi Rescue has now been shown in over 190 countries worldwide, making household names of Reidy and his fellow lifeguards.

 Early life:

Reidy attended Waverley College in Waverley. Having struggled with his weight and tipping the scales at 120 kilos as a teenager, he decided at 19 that he had to turn his life around. He changed his eating habits, started exercising, lost weight and became a Bondi lifeguard.

TV & Radio appearances:

Bondi Rescue, The Today Show, The Project, The Circle, 2Day FM and Mix 106.5 FM, as well as promo ads for Sky digital’s CBS Reality, and an appearance on ITV’s Daybreak, the biggest breakfast show on British television. He was a main feature on a two-hour Noosa Triathlon special and also a recent several one-hour specials for Tourism Australia will all airing on channel 10 and National Geographic channel world wide.

On the horizon?

Work life:

Reidy is still currently working as a lifeguard on Bondi beach where they have recently finished filming season 14 of Bondi Rescue. He is one of the main players in developing the brand Bondi Lifeguards which sells merchandise. In further self development he has begun working as a panel operator at 2GB in Sydney to complement his growing role as a sports commenter or emcee at events, predominantly running, triathlon and Ironman. Reidy is also an ambassador for Giant bicycles Australia and Garmin and can be seen racing triathlons just as much as calling athletes home at them.

 Personal life:

Being a fitness nut, Reidy counts cycling, running, swimming and open ocean paddling among his favorite ways to keep in shape. He loves to challenge himself and if that isn’t enough he’ll sign up to an Ironman triathlon just for kicks.

In his spare time he can be found with a camera in his hand, and has had some of his work appear in various media outlets throughout Australia. Several of his photographs are on show at Frothers gallery in Bronte.

A supporter of various charities, Reidy is passionate about the work of the Childrens Tumour Foundation, Childfund and Dementia Australia, all of which he is an ambassador for and donates much of his time to.